Pest Control Service Pricing and Treatment Plans

Pest Control Treatment Plan Options

The treatment plan options below are for our standard pest control services that are designed to keep your home free from many types of pests. Prevention is always recommended since it could cost you more to treat your home one time for a specific pest. Preventing pest with these types of plans below will ensure safety for your family and your property.

Quarterly, Every Other Month, and Monthly services available starting as low as $69** plus tax.
**Prices vary depending on frequency of visit, size of property/structure, and severity of pest problem

Pest services consist of:

  • Perimeter band-lawn power treatment to prevent-minimize pest populations around your home
  • Sweeping of eaves to remove wasp and their nests, as well as, removing spiders and their webs
  • Treatment of common insect entry points such as doors, windows, and garage entrance
  • Dusting of weep holes and other cracks and crevices as needed
  • Inspection of your home for conducive conditions that can lead to rodent and other pest infestations at your home.
  • Rodent stations and exclusion can be added if requested. See Exclusion services(rodent control-prevention) below.
  • With any recurring service plan, anything you need in between services is at no additional charge.

**One time event treatments are provided starting at $179 plus tax with no warranty or obligation for recurring services

Mosquito Control Services

Residential Pest Control Companies

  • Seasonal April-October
  • Power misting treatment applied from a backpack sprayer around the perimeter of your home, landscaping, property line.
  • We focus on bushes, shrubs, trees, and other areas where mosquitos are most likely to harbor and breed.
  • Mosquito preventative discs-granules are placed in areas where water stands to prevent mosquito reproduction as needed.

**Pricing starts at $59 plus tax per month on a recurring plan. One time services/event treatments are provided starting at $99 plus tax

Exclusion Services(rodent control/prevention)

Residential Pest Control Companies
Full exclusion services are offered to prevent rodent access to your home. We seal up rodent entry points from top to bottom using multiple methods and materials. Full exclusions are warrantied for one year from date of initial service and can be renewed annually.

**Prices starting at $999 plus tax

Lower level exclusion only services can be provided to areas such as weep holes, A/C lines going into the home, and garage doors. There is no warranty for this service.

**Prices start at $49 plus tax per entry point

Our rodent baiting program can be added on to all services to control rodents populations. Rodent stations are offered for the one time fee of $25 plus tax each. These stations will be monitored and refilled at each recurring service at no additional charge.

Bed Bug Services

Bed Bug services include treatment of the infested room(s) along with other rooms that may have been introduced to bed bugs unknowingly. We choose to treat all areas due to the ease of bed bugs being transferred from room to room.

**Prices starting at $299 plus tax, but vary depending on bed bug infestation, length of warranty, and retreatments.

Termite Services

We offer termite spot and partial treatments. Spot treatments vary depending on size and construction of area to be treated and range from $250-$450 plus tax. Partial treatments give the most protection and vary depending on size and construction. Free estimates given after inspection of structure to be treated. These treatments will also come with an optional yearly renewal which provides re-treatment if termites should return anywhere on the treated structure. Renewals range from $199-$399 plus tax.

Additional Service Pricing

In addition to our standard treatment plans, we offer other types of services to help you with specific pests.