Keeping your daycare center free of pests will result in happy, healthy children. Rodents and bugs can cause diseases such as asthma and meningitis, as well as painful bites. Having a one hundred percent pest free daycare is essential to the success of your business. When you are deciding what types of pesticides should be used, make sure to consider the health and safety of both the children and the faculty. Tactical Pest Services are trained professionals and can help you navigate which eco-friendly treatments are best for your building. The following are important aspects you can expect when you choose Tactical Pest Services for your extermination needs.


Pest are usually easily spotted in kitchens and storage areas. You may not realize that they are living in your restrooms, classrooms, and custodial areas. Even the playground can be a specific source of a pest problem. A thorough inspection of your complete property will help us customize a perfect plan for you.


Toddlers and infants spend a lot of time playing on the floor and tend to place their hands and toys in their mouth. The improper use of pesticides in a day care center can leave small children vulnerable to residues that can transfer to skin and can be absorbed. You need a pest control company that is experienced, follows EPA standards, and is focused on the safety of all who come in contact with our environmentally responsible products.


Even with your best efforts to keep up with pests entering your facilities there are many ways they find their ways in, such as food deliveries, grocery bags, and children’s clothing, just to name a few. They can thrive in cribs, cabinets and anywhere crumbs or standing water can be found. For these reasons you need regular inspections, with a regular maintenance plan. You can sleep soundly knowing that dealing with pests in your facility will be a thing of the past.

Complete Care:

Each commercial property building is unique and has its own set of challenges, that is why we tailor the complete care of your facility based on the specific needs we find upon inspection. We want to customize a plan to meet your individual needs.

You can rely on Tactical Pest Service to provide the safest and most effective services for all your day-care center needs. This will also help keep peace of mind knowing that your child care center will remain pest free. Please call us today to schedule a consultation, we look forward to working with you soon.