COVID-19: Safety & Pest Treatment

These are unprecedented times right now and we hope you are protecting yourself, doing well, and staying healthy. Our primary concern is for both the safety of our customers and the well-being of their families and the entire household.

Pest control has been deemed an essential service and we want you to know that we are continuing to fulfill our service agreement with all customers on a regular schedule. Many of the services we provide don’t require any close interaction with our customers as they take place outside. Nonetheless, we continue to maintain caution and we are committed to following every protocol as given by the CDC.

As we begin to enter the spring season, we anticipate seeing an increasing number of bugs. After all, they love coming out when the temperature warms up. To give yourself the best chance at defending these unwanted pests, we recommend our monthly mosquito and pest control services. As always, feel free to ask our staff about the services we provide during our next visit or you can always contact us at any time or request a free estimate.

We fully appreciate all your continued support and we truly hope you remain as safe and healthy as possible.