Understanding Rodent Exclusion

A lot of people find rats and mice vile and disgusting. They leave their droppings everywhere which is extremely messy and disgusting. The simple thought of them makes some people shudder. If you have been hearing creepy squeaks during the night or scratch noises inside your house walls, you probably have a rodent infestation ongoing in your home.

The most ideal way of taking care of a rodent infestation in your house or business premises is through rodent exclusion. This is the process of battling all elements that may attract rodents to your home as a safety measure against potential rodent infestations occurring in the future.

Rodent Exclusion Methods

Rodents are very sly creatures. It’s very easy for them to invade your house without them being spotted. Some homeowners may not even notice their house has been invaded by rodents because of how sneaky they are. For example, rats and mice have physical traits that enable them to climb up walls, wires, and cables both vertically and horizontally. Here is a guide of rodent exclusion methods that will help you gain control of your rodent problem before it blows up into a full infestation.

Look Out For Access Points

Keeping rodents away from your house usually starts from inside the house. It’s important that you take notice of any changes in the house such as tiny holes or openings through which rats and mice can squeeze through. If you have any broken windows, make sure you repair them.

Clear The Exterior Of Your Home

The outdoor area of your house might serve as a habitat for rodents to find shelter until they eventually find a way of getting inside your home. A rodent control company can assist you with this challenge by blocking off your gutters, sealing of cracks in your walls, and installing grates in your pipes so that rodents cannot sneak in through your plumbing.

Cleaning Up Food Areas

Even when all the holes are sealed, rodents seem to find a way to get into the kitchen or pantry. Once they gain access to areas with adequate supplies for them, then they can multiply at a very fast rate. You need to clean up almost immediately after meals to rodent-proof your living space.

Call Our Experts To Make Your House Rodent Free

No one likes uninvited rodents in their house. Having a pet hamster in a cage is one thing. A rodent infestation is a completely different thing. You might set up dozens of traps around and inside your house with the hope of catching a good number of these unwelcome guests. However, your traps may not do much to alleviate your burden. This is where a professional company that deals with rodent exclusion services like Tactical Pest Services can come in handy. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on https://www.tacticalpestservices.com/contact-us/ to get a quote.