The Need For Professional Pest Control Treatment For Ants

If you’ve spotted one ant on your property, then it likely means colonization has already begun. A queen ant can lay up to 800 eggs in a single day and they live for decades. These ants stick together in tight, social colonies. They might even have additional satellite colonies nearby. This all means that seeing a single ant is a sign that many more are on your property.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a DIY approach is sufficient enough to eliminate a serious ant problem. Professional pest control for ants is the only way to guarantee that the queen, the colony, and any satellite colonies are completely destroyed. Furthermore, professional services implement preventative measures to prevent ants from returning in the future.

There are hundreds of different types of ants that commonly infest lawns in America. These different types of ants often behave different, eat differently, and destroy your property differently. Most of them would love to find their way inside your home to establish new nests and colonies. However, the same pest control approach cannot be used for every type of ant.

Professional pest control often begins with identifying the type of ant that is plaguing your home. Only then can an adequate elimination and protection plan be implemented. For example, some species of ant can be tackled using bait while others are smart enough to avoid it. The ability to properly identify ants and then implement a unique control plan isn’t compatible with most DIY pest control methods or products.

Why Bother With Ants – Won’t They Go Away?

ants crawling on piece of woodIt may seem as though the ants aren’t any trouble at all. Maybe you’ve seen one crawl across the lawn, the porch, or even your floor, but they didn’t bite you or cause a problem. Many homeowners overlook the significance of an ant infestation and the damage it can cause to them and their home. You should seriously begin considering pest control as soon as you’ve spotted an ant or two.

Take the carpenter ant for example. You might find one walking across your floor and think nothing of it. The problem is that these ants also love making nests inside your home. They carve holes into the wood and take up residence. A single carpenter ant calling across the floor could mean that there are millions more living inside of your walls and destroying the integrity of your home.

Carpenter ants are far from the only dangerous ant infestation. A colony of fire ants can cause serious physical harm if someone steps on them. It’s also possible to be allergic to their venom. Other types of ants might not have as potent venom as the fire ant, but they can carry any number of bacteria and diseases. That bacteria can be spread to humans when the ants find the kitchen.

Dealing With Ants As Soon As Possible

As you can see, an ant infestation can pose a serious threat to your health and to your home. And sighting a single ant usually means there are many more somewhere else. It’s always best to react as soon as possible and schedule an appointment with a professional pest control service. They can inspect the property, identify the culprit, and create a plan of action before any harm is done.

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