Rodents are the most common species of pest across the world and pose various threats, risks and hazards to both human health and property. Diseases like rabies are transmittable to humans and parasites like ticks and fleas also carry diseases that can be passed on. Feces and urine as well as fur and nests are unhygienic and can aggravate allergies and respiratory health conditions. Rats, mice and other rodents can cause significant structural and property damage.

Due to these various hazards, it is best to avoid these creatures and not to approach or handle them but rather use pest control for rodents to eliminate the problem. Expert pest control services are highly recommended especially where an extensive problem or infestation exists. These services are comprehensive and include the following:

mouse crawling on ledgePest Inspection

A pest inspection is necessary to determine the type and extent of the rodent problem as well as to the best techniques to employ to eliminate the pests. Any structural or electrical damage that has been caused will also be determined and what steps should be taken to rectify the situation. Access points that the rodents are using to gain entry to the structure must also be identified during and inspection.

Bait And Trap

Bait and trap stations are the most effective means for eliminating a rodent problem quickly. These stations will be set up in the areas where the rodents are most commonly found as well as the access points.

Sealing And Blocking

Once the rodents have successfully been removed from the structure, it is essential to seal up and block all cracks or openings that were used by the rodents in the past to prevent a future infestation from occurring.

Clutter And Vegetation

Clutter in the yard and inside a structure as well as overgrown vegetation provide the ideal habitat for rodents and should be cleared away and removed.

Food Source

Rodents are mainly attracted to man-made structures due to the ease of access to food. It is important to eliminate any readily available food sources and take measures to prevent rodents from getting access to food in any way.

Recurring Pest Control For Rodents

Recurring pest control is essential to prevent a rodent problem from arising in the future even if the above steps have been taken to manage and eliminate the pests and will involve pest control techniques being employed on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis.

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