What Are Recurring Pest Control Services?

Pests are difficult to eradicate on a permanent basis and can often return a few weeks or months after pest control services seem to have successfully eliminated a specific pest problem. Recurring pest control sets up a maintenance system that schedules monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly appointments with the aim to eradicate all types of pests, permanently.

tactical worker checking for pests during recurring pest control visitWhen Does Recurring Pest Control Become Necessary?

There are many different reasons why recurring pest control may not only be necessary but a much more effective approach to eliminate pests than a once of visit:

1. Breaking The Cycle

Most pests have a life cycle that consist of different stages. Pest control measures that are highly effective at eliminating adult pests, may not be as successful on the eggs and larvae of a specific insect. When the eggs hatch and the larvae grow to adulthood, it creates the impression that the pests have returned and that the pest control treatment was not successful. Fleas and roaches are notorious for laying eggs in hidden places so that their species continues even when the harshest measures have been taken to eliminate them.

Recurring pest control services return on a regular basis in order to break this life cycle and destroy the insects while they are still immature and cannot lay eggs. Monthly or bimonthly (every 2 months) visits are ideal for disrupting the life cycles of pests and destroying them on an ongoing basis.

2. The Seasons

Some pests are also seasonal. For example, you are far less likely to see flies and mosquitoes in the cold winter months than you would in the summer months. Insects like mosquitoes can become quite problematic in spring when the rain sets in resulting in standing water which is ideal for larvae to emerge from eggs.

Seasonal or quarterly pest control services are perfect for eliminating insects at the beginning of their life cycle and when the emerge at the change of seasons. A quarterly schedule will normally be set up according to the start or end of each season keeping in mind the type of pests that will be most common at different times of the year.

3. Multiple Species

Pests come in all shapes and forms and there are multiple species that present health and hygiene hazards or are just plain irritating. Eradicating the different species at once is not always possible. While a once off visit from pest control services may successfully take care of one type of pest, other pests may not be eliminated at the same time.

A recurring service will ensure that all pests are eliminated all of the time and not just for a limited time. Monthly or bimonthly pest control is recommended to take care of multiple species on a long term basis.

Recurring pests need a recurring solution and setting up a schedule that ensures regular visits from the pest control experts is by far the best way to eradicate any and all pests on an on-going basis.