Different Types of Ants & Treatments

If there’s one pest that everyone hates altogether, it’s ants. These tiny little things can cause a lot of damage and have painful bites, depending on the one that is infesting your home.

The type of ant that is in your home will also determine how you treat it. If you’re having a problem with ants in your home, you need to contact a professional control company like Tactical Pest Services so that it will be taken care of completely.

Let’s take a look at the types of ants and their respective treatments from Tactical Pest Services.

ants crawling on piece of woodAcrobat Ants

First, we have acrobat ants, also known as worker ants. They can be colored brown, yellow-brown, red-black, or just black. They can be up to 3mm long and have two nodes. Acrobat ants will be found nesting outside is damaged and moist wood structures. They are also aggressive and will sting, but are not usually found in the house.

If you call Tactical Pest Services to get rid of acrobat ants, the professionals will locate their hiding places and treat the wood. They will also put measures in place to prevent further infestation, like drying out moist wood and repairing water leaks.

Argentine Ants

This is another popular ant species, with one node and up to 2.8mm long. They are brown and can be light or dark shades. If they are outside, they nest in different places during winter and shady places during summer. But, if you spot them inside, you will see them in wall insulation spots or voids. They don’t sting but are still annoying to have around.

Argentine ant infestations are very tricky because they quickly go out of control. And so, pest control for these ants is beyond your control. You will need the expertise of Tactical Pest Services if you don’t want them to build massive colonies under your home.

Carpenter Ants

Next are carpenter ants, and different kinds of them can be found in many places in the United States. Because of this, there’s no fixed physical description. They excavate wood to build nests and are usually outside. If they are inside, they stay in roofs and woodwork, and an infestation can lead to structural damage. They also sting if you disturb their nests.

These types of ants are very hard to control, and so they require pest expertise from Tactical Pest Services. Pest control involves tracking down all their satellite colonies in and outside the home and treating them.

Fire Ants

Fire ants are red and can be as long as 5mm. They also have a visible stinger which can be fatal to human beings. If you’re stung by a fire ant, you will have excessive itching, sweating, and nausea. Their colonies can contain up to 500,000 insects, and so if you disturb their nests, you can be stung by hundreds of ants. They usually increase in number during summer and warm weather.

Rather than poking the nest yourself, you should call for Tactical Pest Services instead. A professional will be able to track down all the colonies and nests around your home and treat them in a way that another colony won’t be able to move in the space.