A brown rat was trapped in a live cage trap. The rodents like mice, rat and mouse often invade and damage to people’s houses and cause infestations. Focused on the rat’s eye.

3 Signs you Have Rodents In Your Home

The cool weather is well deserved after the extreme heat endured during the summer months. When the weather changes, so does our surrounding environment. Fall is the start of various…
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mouse inside a home

How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Attic?

Have you noticed signs of a rodent attack in your attic? That may mean that it’s time  to resort to an effective solution. Rodents usually get into attics through exterior…
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Rodents in Attic in Allen Texas

Keep Rats & Mice Away This Winter

How Rats & Mice Keep Warm in the Winter Like most rodents during the winter months, rats and mice have found numerous ways to adapt to the changing climate. Their…
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rodents in the attic rodent exclusion work

Rodents In My Attic: What Should I Do?

Signs Rodents Are Living In your Attic Rodents and squirrels are often found inside people’s homes during colder months of the year. This can be cause for concern as they…
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rodent crawling on ledge looking for dog food

Do Rodents Eat Dog Food?

Yes, you can blame the undesirable and uninvited rodents roaming around your home for eating your dog’s food. Why Do Rodents Eat Dog Food? It is true that dog food…
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