Rodent Control In Your McKinney, TX Home

Rodent control can be a big task & undertaking in the city of McKinney, Texas. Rodents, like insects, just a different kind of critter, can cause different types of damage around the home. They carry fleas, mites, bacteria, as well as other unwanted guests. To get rid of these rodents you need a professional.

The City of McKinney is not responsible and will not treat or exterminate rodents on your property. Instead, you can hire a licensed pest control company that will treat private properties.

When considering a pest control company, you need to keep in mind several important elements.

Rodents That Invade the Home

Different rodents can invade your home. Rodents, as mentioned, usually carry fleas and bacteria, some of which could be dangerous to your health, so it is recommended to contact a professional, such as Tactical Pest Services, to take care of these pests. They will take care of exterminating any rodents or pests on your property professionally and safely, so that you do not have to risk your own well-being.

Common rodents that infest homes are rats and mice. Other rodents like moles and voles could also be among the pests that find a home on your property. Signs that there are rodents living in your home could look like droppings in drawers and cabinets, smudge marks, gnaw marks, burrows in and outside your house, remnants of nests, and squeaky sounds within the walls.

How to Inspect a Home for Rodent Control

To begin the rodent control process, you can hire a licensed pest control company to inspect your home thoroughly. This will give them a better idea of how to best get rid of rodents without damaging your home and how to prevent future infestations.

The exterminators will check for roof leaks, as these usually attract insects and rodents. They will also look under places including sinks, food cabinets, and water heaters. These areas are where rodents usually hide. They also check under appliances for droppings using mirrors so that they can identify rodent activity.

After inspecting your home, sanitation and prevention come into play. The process might seem easy to do yourself, but if not done properly you may not be successful in clearing your home of pests. Hence, you need to work with a professional. Contact Tactical Pest Services to find out how to get started.

Rodent Exclusion

After rodent control, the next step is referred to as rodent exclusion. The licensed pest control company implements different methods to prevent future infestations. This will decrease the chance of your home attracting rodents long after the pest control treatment.

Rodent exclusion starts by blocking off all the entry points rodents can potentially use to gain access to your home. By inspecting your home, the pest control company will find the access areas, they could be cracks on the walls, doors, floors, and on the roof, and come up with solutions to block them off as entry points.

Sometimes, this involves fixing damaged parts of the house such as reinforcing the gnawed edges of entryways, closing all entryways tightly and firmly, sealing holes and cracks, all with materials that are resistant to rodent gnawing, like sheet metals.

Contact Tactical Pest Services today to set up a free estimate and consultation to develop a plan for treating your rodent problems in McKinney, TX.