Keep Rats & Mice Away This Winter

How Rats & Mice Keep Warm in the Winter

Like most rodents during the winter months, rats and mice have found numerous ways to adapt to the changing climate. Their routine habits remain consistent when transitioning to cooler temperatures, except that they are now seeking shelter inside warm homes. The optimal temperatures for rats and mice are anywhere between 65- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit, meaning at the first hints of cold weather these rodents will start searching for warm shelter to wait out the winter months. One method that these rodents use to keep warm is stockpiling. Rats will bring back their findings of waste and spoiled food back to their nest to avoid going out in the colder temperatures. Unfortunately, stockpiling commonly attracts other rodents and insects. Rats and mice will burrow themselves deep within your property and create nasty nests, giving them a place to store all their food, and a way to escape the cold temperatures. Nests created by rats and mice within the home can lead to an unwanted infestation through the attraction of more rodents and insects within the home. In addition to the attraction of new rodents, because rats and mice do not hibernate, the warm, indoor nesting sites can lead to breeding, creating an even larger infestation.

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How Rats & Mice Can Cause Damage within the Home

Once in the home, rats and mice can cause extensive damage to your property. From major structural damage, which typically leads to the damage of wooden beams and joints, and metal pipes to electrical damage—rats are known to chew through electrical wires—which could lead to short circuits and house fires, these rodents will ravage throughout your house in search of food. When around the house, rats drop feces that spread bacteria and contaminate your food sources. These droppings can trigger major allergic reactions and are hazardous to human health. Interaction with these droppings can lead to hantavirus, a disease that attacks the respiratory system and leads to many complications such as difficulty breathing.

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How to Keep Rats & Mice Away This Winter

Several preventative actions can be taken to keep rats and mice away this winter. Start by regularly inspecting your home’s exterior. If you notice any easy access points for small rodents to fit into, seal these cracks and deck your walls with mesh to prevent entry into your home. Next, make sure that your trees and garden are well maintained and located a considerable distance away from your home. When all else fails, call a professional to remove rodents from your homes, and to identify rodent entry points.

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