USA. Washington State. Destructive Carpenter Ants (Camponotus spp.) nest at sawed off cherry tree branch.

What are Carpenter Ants?

Why Carpenter Ants Have Chosen Your Residence Carpenter ants are just one of the many different kinds of ants that can be found in your home. It can be hard…
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Ants in house on the wall angleants walk on the tile floor.

Are Ants Active During Winter?

Us and winter have one major thing in common: we put bugs to rest! Although, Texas residents know too well that not all pests will naturally go away during the…
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Summer Insects – What to look out for

Summer is a time that brings warmth, sunshine, and bugs. As temperatures rise, pests emerge and seek shelter. Whether it’s ants or small bed bugs, being informed and prepared is…
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Optimized-Natural Mosquito Control

4 Common Spring Pests In North Texas

Spring is when many of us want to spend time outside and enjoy the warmer weather. Unfortunately, the spring season is also pest season. These pests can harm your family…
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How to Care for and Treat Ant Bites

It’s summer and that generally means two things for Texans — extreme heat and the dreaded invasion of ants. While the 100°+ days are rather annoying and unpleasant, just about…
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Pests That Come With The Summer Heat

The summertime is a season for fun, filled with beautiful sunny skies and warm weather, but it is also a time when various pests are active. Summer heat brings pests…
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What Happens When You Kill the Queen Ant?

Ants are a vital part of our planet’s ecosystem. They certainly outnumber humans have colonized almost every landmass on earth. The only places lacking indigenous ants are Antarctica and a…
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