What are Carpenter Ants?

Why Carpenter Ants Have Chosen Your Residence

Carpenter ants are just one of the many different kinds of ants that can be found in your home. It can be hard to identify the species of ants because there are so many different kinds, but Carpenter ants have some very distinct qualities so it’ll be hard to miss them. Continue reading our blog to learn more about Carpenter ants and why they may be in your home this spring. 

What Are Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter ants are one of the most common ants that can be found in the United States, specifically right here in North Texas. Carpenter ants can be mistaken for other species of ants, but there are a few unique identifying factors about them that can make it easier to identify them. Carpenter ants are typically larger in size than the typical house ants that you find in your kitchen. As for color, Carpenter ants range from black, brown, red, tan, and yellow. They can be any combination of these colors and don’t always look the same, so it’s important to keep that in mind! 

Carpenter ants leave their colonies anywhere from March to July. The colonies are found in any kind of wooden structure whether that be your home, a tree, or a shed in your backyard. This is one of the most identifying things about carpenter ants, they love to make the walls of your house their home. 

Why Are They In Your Home?

Why do these ants feed off of the comfort of your home? It turns out if you have carpenter ants there is likely some wood that has been damaged by moisture in your house. Wood in your home can easily be damaged from rain, a gutter that is not working properly, or even a leak in your roof. 

Because these ants live and colonize in decaying or damaged wood their colonies can be easy to spot. There may be gaps where the walls meet the floor or a decaying look on the deck in your backyard. 

Are Carpenter Ants Harmful?

The thought of knowing there are colonies of ants living in your home can be pretty daunting. Although it may be daunting, it’s important to note that carpenter ants are not harmful to humans or any pets you may have in your home. 

While carpenter ants are not harmful to humans they are extremely detrimental to the structure of your home. They colonize wood that is decaying and chew that wood all day long. If the carpenter ants are not taken care of, there is an extreme risk of serious structural damage and potential collapse. 

How Can You Control Carpenter Ants?

The biggest thing when it comes to preventing carpenter ants is going to be making sure your home is structurally sound. Making sure there is no damaged wood is key. Homeowners should regularly maintain gutters, gaps in the walls, and any place that could be affected by water. By keeping up with this maintenance, carpenter ants will have no place in your home. If these critters have somehow made it into your home, there’s no need to worry! Tactical has services ranging from a one-time extermination to recurring pest services, all of which will combat carpenter ants in your home. Contact us today!