Are Ants Active During Winter?

Us and winter have one major thing in common: we put bugs to rest! Although, Texas residents know too well that not all pests will naturally go away during the duration of winter months. One of the most common pests to be seen in Texas during this time is ants. Ants are active year round in Texas because our warm climate is ideal for them. They seek warmth when it is cold outside, and if your home has not been made ant proof, they may choose your home as their winter shield! Continue reading our blog to learn the cause of why ants can invade your home during the winter. 

How Active are Ants During the Winter?

Ants prefer warm temperatures, as this keeps them active. Ants are not very active during the cold temperatures. Rather than hide out, ants go through overwintering, the process of finding a safe, warm home for the winter. Although, ants can skip the overwintering process if kept warm year round; heat inside homes can keep ants active. This means if you see ants inside your home during the winter, they have most likely lodged with you for some time or have moved in because they are attracted to something inside your home. These pesky creatures can make their nest just about anywhere. The most common areas they will create a nest inside your home are: in door frames, under floors, walls, the foundation, cabinets, and air conditioning units.

Locate What’s Attracting Them to Your Home

Ants inside your home during the winter indicates something in particular has led them to your home. There is never only one ant, if you see one, more are to follow. Ants come inside homes in search of warmth, food, and water. Ants enjoy easily accessible food and water sources, like garbage, dirty dishes, and crumbs on the floor. Household issues may also contribute to ant invasions. Leaks and moist areas attract them, so leaking pipes, improperly shut window frames, or runny sinks can bring them inside your home. Clean up any food remains, take out the trash, seal up any entry points into your home, and dry moist areas. 

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