What to Do About Termites This Spring and Summer

As the warmer seasons approach, many people think of different fun things they can do on hot summer and spring days. Termites are thinking just the same thing! Termites are one of the most common pests anyone can deal with in their home or property.

Not only do they cause significant damage to your property and finances, they also go on for a long time without getting noticed. When spring and summer arrives, this becomes even worse because it’s during warmer weather that termites come together to form new colonies. This is the connection between termites and warm weather.

It’ll be bad for you if termites decide to swarm and create colonies in your home or property, which is why you should prepare for termites this spring and summer. March is already here, and it’ll be a long time until August rolls around – no house can survive an untreated termite infestation for this long.

Termites in Allen TexasWhat Termites Do During Warm Weather

Termites look out for locations where they can establish a new colony. The colony won’t be a swarm unless it has been built for three years. If the swarm is created in your home, this means your house or property is infested even if some of the termites might not survive.
However, if the swarm happens outside your house, your home is not yet infested. Even if this is the case, you have to keep in mind that the colony or colonies are nearby and can enter your house at any time.

How to Recognize Termites

One of the main reasons why people find it hard to notice termites in the summer or spring is because they confuse them with flying ants. Flying ants don’t eat wood or cause structural damage, so if you think the termites are ants, you will most likely ignore them.

If you see insects with straight antennae, wide bodies, no pinched waists and dark brown or black color, they are most likely termites.
They also have transparent wings of the same length and can be found in wooden structures like trees, decaying stumps, lumber and wood debris. They eat wood and cellulose-based products which is how they cause structural damage.

If you notice these kinds of insects around or in your house, it’s best to call Tactical Pest Services, even if you’re not sure that they are termites. The experts at Tactical Pest Services will come with the equipment necessary and check whether you’re suffering from a termite infestation or not. If you are, they can get rid of the termites immediately.

Don’t attempt to get rid of termites yourself as this could be counter-productive. Most people that follow tricks to solve termite infestations end up only with a temporary solution. The termites will still come back to continue with their colony, and you might not know they’re back, causing worse structural damage.

At the same time, termites can sting, although this rarely happens. They cause swelling of tissues, extreme pain and itching, and it becomes worse if it’s more than one termite that stings you.

Thus, contact Tactical Pest Services instead to get rid of termites in the spring or summer.