Addressing Beehives Near Your Home

Texas has its fair share of stinging insects, from hornets and wasps to cicada killers and of course, bees. Many residents in Texas have asked this question at least once, ‘What should I do when I have a beehive outside my home or near my home?’

Having a beehive close to your home or directly outside your house poses a threat to you, your family, visitors and even anyone passing by. Over 800 species of bees have been identified in Texas, many deadlier than others, therefore it’s a big risk if you decide to leave it there.

The popular kind of bees in Texas include the Africanized honeybees, American honeybees, two-spotted bumblebees, Southern Plain bees and more. American honeybees can be found everywhere in Texas but these other species are usually prevalent in certain areas of the state.

If you see a beehive near your home, there are two things that you shouldn’t do.

  1. Ignore It

Don’t ignore the beehive or expect the problem to go away.  Bees pose a safety and health risk to you and those living with you, so ignoring the beehive is like leaving a time bomb close to man-spraying-for-bugs-with-protective-gearyou. There’s a good chance that the hive will only become fuller and attract more bees if you leave it alone.

It can end up stinging you, your family members or anyone just passing by. They can also get into the house, and it would be hard to ignore them then. It’s also hard to ignore them if you have children or pets that easily get curious. If they are playing outside, they might get close to the beehive and get stung.

  1. Remove It Yourself

Unless you are a professional beekeeper or pest control technician, DO NOT attempt to remove a beehive yourself. Many think they can cover up and poke it with a stick so the bees live and leave, but this will most likely end badly and pose safety and health risks to you and your family.

Although a single bee sting isn’t life-threatening (unless you are allergic to them), a beehive may produce a swarm of them. If you get stung by a swarm of bees, it can cause you to be sick and even lead to a severe reaction.

Contact Bee Removal Services Instead

If you notice a beehive close to your home or directly near it, the best thing you can do is contact bee removal services from Tactical Pest Services.

The Tactical beehive removal specialists are not only experienced but fully qualified to remove beehives, regardless of the bee species or the size. Apart from beehives, you can also contact for removing the nests of other harmful and stinging insects like wasps or hornets.

With the right tools and methods at our disposal, we can remove and exterminate bees and their hives in such a way that no one in your house or your neighbors would be adversely affected. We are fully equipped with protective clothing, and our tools, chemicals and substances are completely safe for adults, children and pets.