How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Attic?

Have you noticed signs of a rodent attack in your attic? That may mean that it’s time  to resort to an effective solution. Rodents usually get into attics through exterior wall gaps. They squeeze through holes as tiny as the size of a dime to make their way through significantly smaller openings. 

Rodents in the attic can be frustrating! When they infest an area, they can cause structural damage, defecate in wall openings, and carry contagious diseases. For this reason, keeping rodents away from your home is essential. Here are some ways you can keep these unwanted  guests away from your premises. 

Fix Gaps

It is disturbing to keep hearing noises over the head. No one likes to see rats or mice squeaking, gnawing, and scurrying around in their attics. So, seal all openings around the vents, doors, windows, and eaves. You can also stuff these gaps with steel wool or cut off any access for these rodents by covering holes with wire mesh. Any other cracks in floors, walls, and foundation leading to indoor spaces must be repaired.  

Insulation Removal

Rodents can be a serious problem by impacting the efficacy of your attic’s insulation, and indirectly polluting the indoor air quality. Rats and mice can tunnel through insulation, damage the material, and contaminate the insulation with urine and feces. So, it is best to go for insulation removal and replace the old and torn insulation with a new one.

Attic Clean Up 

It’s important to keep clutter away as much as possible. An attic clean up every few months is necessary to keep rodents away and prevent other pests too. Proper sanitation is often the most important step for a rodent-free future. Ensure that you aren’t saving any piles of paper or cardboard boxes in the attic. Rodents in the attic often shred such materials to build nests and birth babies. They are territorial and will keep contaminating the space repeatedly, so clean and disinfect rodent waste as well. Besides, when excrement is inhaled, it can cause dangerous allergies and diseases! 

Hire Professional Pest Control Services

While pest control is a worthwhile maintenance service, it is equally important to take the necessary steps to keep rodent activity at bay. Hiring pest control experts can be of great help to you. Exterminators have the knowledge, expertise, and training to manage mice and rats and keep your attic safe. They can also suggest preventive measures to inhibit a rodent infestation. 

We Can Solve Your Problem. 

Rodent invasion can arise on any property, and it happens all the time. If you notice the presence of rats or mice, call Tactical Pest Services for a long-term and cost-effective treatment. If you already live in an area with increasing rodent activity, you must certainly consider rodent-proofing your home. Prevention is always better than an indefinite cure. Call Tactical Pest Services’ professionals to get started right away!