Do Rodents Eat Dog Food?

Yes, you can blame the undesirable and uninvited rodents roaming around your home for eating your dog’s food.

Why Do Rodents Eat Dog Food?

It is true that dog food can attract rodents and other mice. Rodents and mice are opportunistic feeders which means they will feed on anything they encounter. Although leftover dry dog food does not sound appetizing to us, it can still contain several nutrients and fats that make it irresistible to rodents. When dog food is left out rodents can access it to survive and reproduce rapidly. Getting rid of a rodent problem on your own can be dangerous and challenging. No need to panic yet, there are several ways you can protect your dog’s food and prevent a rodent infestation. Rodents can also become a problem in your attic. Tactical pest services are experts at helping people with attic infestations.

How To Prevent Rodents From Eating Dog Food 101

    1. Do Not Leave Dog Food Out Overnight

Rodents are nocturnal and will come out during the night to scavenge through trash or any food left unprotected. Before you go to bed make sure to clean the bowl, store the remaining food away, and clean up any leftover food that was spilled.

    1. Store Your Dog Food Properly

Leaving dog food in its original bag or keeping the bag stored in the garage is easy access for rodents. When dog food is left in plastic bags rodents small mice can chew holes and reach inside to eat. The best way to store dog food is by keeping it all together in one plastic bin. Plastic bins are a much safer way to store food and prevent easy access for rodents.

    1. Keep Your House Clean

Last but most important is to practice good cleaning habits! Keep the floors, bowl, and area around the dog’s food clean. Sweeping and mopping are effective ways to get rid of food crumbs or spills that can attract rodents. Although it can be time consuming and tedious it is best to clean right after your dog is fed. If you notice that there are constant spills throughout the day try changing to a bigger bowl for your dog. Another solution could be elevating the bowl to a height that is easier for your dog to eat.

The Best Solution to A Rodent Problem

To conclude yes, rodents eat dog food. These methods can stop rodents from consuming your dog food but will not get rid of the rodent problem. There are times you may need to seek professional help. Tactical Pest Services can provide an exceptional pest control service. Tactical can provide a safe, immediate, and effective solution to your rodent problem. Give Tactical a call at (469)-208-3879 or contact us for a free estimate.