The Dallas Fort Worth Area is Among the Top 10 US Cities for Mosquito Activity

We’ve looked at the top 50 cities for mosquito activity in the United States in 2019, and it would be a huge understatement to say the Dallas Fort Worth area didn’t make the list. Out of the top 50 cities, experts ranked the DFW area as the sixth worst city in the US for mosquito activity. Others went as far as to suggest the DFW area was the second worst in the US for mosquito activity, closely following Los Angeles.

Why DFW?

Mosquitoes begin to populate in the Spring and have a heavy population by the time Summer comes around. The DFW area not only begins warming early in the year, but it also experiences its highest amount of rain in May. Because Mosquitoes thrive in a warm, humid environment, the sudden increase in heat and rainfall makes the DFW area a huge breeding ground for mosquitoes in the Spring.

Diseases and Prevention

Given the perfect climate for mosquitoes, mosquito borne diseases like the West Nile Virus can spread quickly in Texas. In 2019, there have been over 900 cases of the virus being reported to the CDC. Twenty percent of West Nile Virus cases end up turning into the milder form of the disease, and children and the elderly are more likely to be infected. The virus was present in the DFW area as of 2019, making caution and prevention even more important.
Tactical Pest Services recommends all the general personal precautions that everyone should take to protect themselves during mosquito season. Always keep bug spray in hand, especially outdoors or around large bodies of water. Long sleeve shirts, socks, and pants will help keep mosquitoes off. Additionally, bugs in general are attracted to deeper colors, so wearing light colors will help keep everyone protected.

Protecting Your Home

One of the best ways to prevent mosquito spread in your city is protecting your own home. For starters, check your window and door screens for any tears or holes. This will prevent mosquitoes from getting inside your home. Take a look around your property on a regular basis for any buildup of water. Mosquitoes only breed in water, and even the water in just a bottlecap can hold upwards of 100 eggs that can hatch in the summer. Check any trash cans, tires, buckets, clogged gutters, or any other potential containers. Mosquitoes can’t breed in swimming pools as long as they’re properly maintained. Bird baths and outdoor pet bowls are fine, just make sure to change the water occasionally to break up any mosquito breeding.

However, with the amount of rain in the DFW area, it’s hard to keep track of standing water. Puddles that form will also moisten the soil and allow larvae to survive, ready to hatch in the summer. The good news is we at Tactical Pest Services offer monthly, affordable mosquito control services during the peak months of April to October. This service includes a monthly misting treatment around the perimeter of your home and property, as well preventative discs placed where water stands to stifle any mosquito reproduction. This is one of the best preventative opportunities you can get, so if you want to treat your home and get ready for the summer, feel free to give us a call at (214) 255-0733 or contact us online.