Rat Infestations: What Are The Risks & Why Should You Contact A Professional?

Rodents in your attic?

The most common reaction of homeowners to a rat in the attic is to handle the situation themselves. Even though this may be a good band-aid, it is not a long-term solution. Professional pest control services are the best at dealing with rodent-related issues in a crawl space or attic.

Rats Can Cause Problems in Your Attic

Crawl spaces and attics are typically warm and moist, making them ideal environments for rodents, including mice, rats, and raccoons. Besides living in your home rent-free, they may cause various issues. Besides causing your equipment to malfunction, it may also cause a fire. Rodents are infamous for chewing on electrical wires.

Rodents may defecate and tear up your insulation, contaminating the air flowing to the rest of the house that you and your loved ones are breathing. Also, once a rat has found its way inside your home, so will its brothers and sisters. So, when clients come up


with the “I have rats in my attic” complaint, we immediately get to rodent-proof the property so no more rodents follow.

Rodents May Even Find Passages Into Your Living Areas.

If you have a growing population of rodents in the attic, they will eventually try and gain access to the main areas of your house. After all, rats living in the attic will always be looking for more food. If they somehow find a tiny passage alongside the walls, vents, etc., they will turn it into a primary portal with which they can access the living areas of your home.

If this occurs, a mouse or rat infestation may grow significantly in a short period. For example, if a few mice enter your home’s attic for the winter, they might multiply and infest the entire property by the time spring arrives.

Rats Can Increase The Overall Risk Of Allergies.

Rodents have been linked to several allergic reactions among humans. Various harmful chemicals in rodent urine, droppings, trails, hair, etc., may result in allergic reactions. Several scientific studies have established that exposure to rodents may aggravate symptoms associated with breathing issues like asthma.

Almost 20% of all children with asthma in the inner-city regions of the US had been sensitized to rodents. Nearly 15% of these kids were found to have been exposed to mice. It’s not surprising since the presence of mice allergen has been found in more than 80% of households in the US.

Make Sure You Hire Professionals From Tactical Pest Services For Pest Control Instead Of Doing It Yourself.

If rodents aren’t afraid of eating Carolina Reaper peppers, then you definitely need to hire a professional from Tactical Pest Services to take care of any rat problems in your attic. Many people think DIY pest control is effortless and effective, but it’s not.

When you hire our team of professionals to deal with your rodent infestation problem, they will come fully equipped to deal with the issue. However, if you take the DIY route, chances are you will not succeed and will end up pouring a lot of money down the drain in the process. Call Tactical Pest Services to get your free quote and consultation right away!