Most grocery stores have a lot of square footage with plenty of room for pests to roam and hide. Accompany this with easy access to food and water and you have a recipe for a pest invasion.  Keeping pest out of your supermarket can be a big challenge. When it comes to the safety and quality of food, consumers want to be confident that where they shop remains pest free. You need the confidence that your brand and reputation is not damaged by any type of pest. The following practices can help store owners, grocers, and staff stay proactive and prevent many pest invasions before they even begin.

food in grocery storesDeliveries:

Upon arrival, deliveries should be carefully inspected for any sign of pests, such as holes and tears in packages or the actual pest itself. After emptied, boxes and crates should be broken down immediately and then thrown out in the outside dumpster.

Keep doors closed:

We know your front grocery store doors open and close constantly through out the day, creating an easy entrance for flying insects, mice and even birds. Deter pest from coming in those doors by keeping their cracks and crevices swept clean so pest won’t be attracted to these areas.  Keep all other doors closed while not in use, such as warehouse doors and back entrances as a preventative measure as well.

Cleaning Schedule:

Pests love crumbs.  You can do a lot to keep pests away by having a rigorous cleaning schedule for your grocery store. Keep in mind where pests will be searching for food. These areas include food bars, break rooms and restrooms.  When sanitizing these areas pay close attention to counters, corners of the floor, as well as cracks in floors and walls.

Food Prep Areas:

Pests are always looking for a good water source. Sinks and drains are a good place to find some. Keep dishes, pots, and pans, as well as other cooking and serving utensils washed and dried to ensure there is no standing water for pests to find.  Grease spills attract cockroaches and other pests, so it is important to clean up grease spills immediately and thoroughly.

Pipes and drains:

Mosquitoes love standing water and can spread serious diseases to your customers and staff.  Keep pipes, drains, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, and drink dispenses inspected and up to code so you don’t have leaks that will attract moisture seeking pests.

Outside Perimeters:

Keeping the grass cut and good general landscaping practices can help reduce many pests from damaging your property and entering the building.

Unfortunately, even when we take the best measures to keep pests at bay, we may still need the help of a professional pest control team.  At Technical Pest Services we understand the requirements of treating grocery stores based on industry-specific health codes. We can help you avoid health code violations and fines by putting together a specified pest control package for your supermarket, wall to wall and from the inside out.  Don’t try to tackle pest control on your own. Call Tactical Service today to set up an estimate and get your pest problems eradicated.