Everyone deserves working in a clean, productive workspace. But what if your building has become a breeding ground for ants, roaches, and rodents.  A good facilities manager knows that’s when they need a licensed, professional pest control company to return their property to a safe and healthy work environment.  At Tactical Pest Services we can help you develop a regular maintenance program so that pests are a thing of the past. Following, are some specific areas to consider when working to keep your office building a pest free zone.


Pests are attracted to the smell of trash and debris found in public restrooms. The drains in sinks can make for easy access for many types of pests.  It’s important that the drains are kept free of debris and cleaned regularly. As well as, being properly treated with pest control and regularly monitored to keep pests from entering the building in this way.

Office Areas:

Everyone in the office can do their part to keep their work environment pest free.  They can do this by wiping down their workspaces daily to remove residue that may attract pests. They can also be part of the solution by eating only in designated break rooms and storing all food and drinks in air-tight containers. Remember, what is trash to us, is a gourmet meal to pests. So it’s important to dispose of all waste in their proper trash receptacles.

Pests love water, if an employee sees that there is a leak in the restrooms or kitchen, they should report it to the maintenance facilitator right away. Also, indoor plants should be inspected regularly to ensure they are not harboring any bugs.  These high-traffic areas can easily be kept pest free with a regular maintenance pest control program especially formulated for office buildings.

Exterior Maintenance:

Regular exterior maintenance is so important in keeping your office building pest free. Exterior damage, such as cracks and holes should be immediately repaired upon inspection to keep your building pest free.  It is also important to maintain your landscape. Bugs love to build nests and breed in your garden areas. All lawns, shrubs and flowing plants should be kept neatly trimmed with regular eco friendly pest control applied around the perimeter of your office building to keep pests from repopulating your landscape and finding their way into your office space.

You may have a pest problem if you are seeing any of the following signs at your office building.

  • Dead bugs or exoskeleton shedding’s in the office
  • Droppings on walls or floors
  • Scratching or rustling noises in walls or ceilings

If you are seeing any signs of pests in your office building, please call Tactical Pest Services. We provide honest, affordable pest control to office buildings in the North Dallas area.  We can do a visual inspection both inside and outside of your office building and put together a maintenance plan that best suits your needs.  Call Tactical Pest Services today for a free estimate.