Having proper pest control is critical to the success of restaurants. One little pest can wreak havoc on your business and damage the reputation you have worked so hard to build. The invasion of pests violates the strict sanitation requirements necessary in the food service industry. Failure to keep food safe from pests puts your establishment at risk for being fined, and more importantly, opens- up the way for disease and bacteria, causing illness to your staff and patrons. At Tactical Pest Services we understand food service regulations and offer many pest control methods that meet industry standards. There are, though some general sanitation and preventative measures you can take to be proactive in keeping many pests at bay.

pest control for restaurantsDining and Food Prep Areas

Regularly cleaning and sanitizing your restaurant can do wonders for keeping pest away. Dining room tables and chairs should be wiped down and the floor should be swept clean immediately after a party leaves the restaurant. Food prep areas and equipment should be kept free of splashes and drips and server stations should be disinfected regularly.

Storage Area:

Keep dry food products stored tight in proper food storage containers and store them at least 6” off the floor and 12” away from walls so you can easily inspect and clean behind them. Slower moving products are more likely to attract pests. By using a rotating system of first-in and first-out you can keep pest out of your stock room.

Floor Drains:

Floor drains can be a breeding ground for flies and other pests. Drains should be inspected regularly for pests and cleaned with an enzyme-based cleanser.
What are the most Common Pests found in restaurants?
Pests that we frequently find in restaurants depend on a variety of things, such as geography, the types of foodservice operation you have, and structural problems in your building. There are four types of pests that are most common in restaurants.


The first on the list, and likely the most destructive are rodents. Mice and rats not only spread serious diseases like salmonella, Listeria, and E. Coli. They also contaminate affected areas with urine and feces, and use their teeth to chew through packaging, as well as wiring and plumbing, impacting your company’s bottom line with loss of product and costly repairs.


The problem with cockroaches is they are resilient, with the ability to live weeks with-out food or water. Roaches can spread many pathogens, like those that cause food poisoning and contaminate restaurants with feces and regurgitated food.

The Fly:

Flies carry hundreds of diseases, and when you consider how mobile flies are and the number of surfaces, they can contaminate in such a short period of time, it’s easy to see why they are a significant concern in restaurants.

Stored Product Pests:

Last on the lists are pests that find their way into stored products such as weevils, moths, beetles, and mites. You can find these pests living in your packages of flour, grains, nuts, and other packaged food rendering them unusable.

Call Tactical To Rid Pests From your Restaurant

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