At Tactical Pest Services we realize how important image is for retail businesses.  A pest invasion of a high-end retailer can have serious ramifications. Not only is their reputation at stake, but their merchandise could quickly become damaged goods. In order to maintain a customer friendly environment, both the interior and exterior must remain pest free. This is a major challenge when working in large buildings with long hours of operation.

Easy Targets:

Large shopping centers and malls are easy targets for a variety of pests, such as roaches, rodents, ants, and flies. This is largely due to the ease that pests find their way into retail centers. Many pests are shipped in and dropped off during the shipping and receiving process of merchandise delivered by freight trucks.  Some large pests, such as mice or birds, may find their way into the building while warehouse doors are open. Large buildings such as these can become a breeding ground for pests due to break rooms, vending machines, and mall food courts that serve as a continuous source of food for them. Pests carry many diseases which can affect the safety and health of your customers and employees. For these reasons it is imperative to have the best possible pest control treatment plan in place.

Our Technicians:

The technicians at Tactical are experienced in all aspects of commercial pest control. We have worked with numerous business owners and understand proper pest control protocol for all business types.  Our team members are qualified to implement a plan to treat even the largest of malls or shopping centers. Our personnel are trained and committed to excellence.


Tactical Pest Services starts with a thorough inspection of the retail space to tailor a pest control plan that will eradicate your pest problem efficiently and implement preventative strategies for the long run. This inspection helps us know which pests are needing to be addressed, how they are coming in, and which of our pest control products is best suited for your environment. By getting to the source of the problem we will be able to resolve pest problems faster, and educate you on how to prevent reoccurring infestations, saving you both time and money.

Customized Retail Service Plans

Our retail services are carefully planned to get the best results and are designed to minimize your concerns related to pests and the problems they cause both inside and out. Our outdoor protection will include areas such as lawns, trees, shrubs, and bushes. Our eco-friendly products will be applied to the outside perimeter of your retail establishment or mall, creating a barrier of protection while keeping your landscape and greenery healthy. Inside, special care will be given to store-rooms, kitchens, breakrooms, and restrooms, as well as warehouses and workspaces. We will work closely with managers and facilitators to provide your facility with a sophisticated pest management program, while being as discreet and inconspicuous as possible. Our goal is to support your goals to be competitive and profitable without the concern of pest problems.

Let Tactical Pest Services help you maintain your professional image and standards.  Call us today to schedule a free estimate and inspection.