Is Monthly Pest Control Necessary?

Yes, it is, whether you own your home, rent, or have a commercial property, there are many reasons why you should consider having a monthly pest control plan. Monthly visits from your exterminator can help prevent a-number-of serious health issues, creating a safer environment for family, friends, or business associates. Frequent pest control services will also help control the structural integrity of your property by intercepting pests, such as termites, mice, or rats before they cause any damage to your home or office. Having regular pest control in place can really have an impact on protecting your assets. For example, in a place of business, such as a restaurant a single common pest could lead to the loss of your valued customers, a damaged reputation, or even bad online reviews. Investing in monthly pest control services could protect, not only the success of your business, but save you a lot of money in the long run.

Will I Need to Sign A Contract for Monthly Services?

Yes, and having a monthly contract with Tactical Pest Services will give you great peace of mind, knowing that you will have a trained, licensed, professional protecting your home or business, keeping them pest free year around. No matter what the environment, take control of your pest control concerns today by having a monthly visit from a company that understands your pest control needs.

Will they Treat the Inside & Outside?

With a monthly contract with Tactical Pest Services, a thorough inspection of the property will be conducted inside and out. Both the interior and outer perimeter will be treated according to the specific needs of each client. We understand how important it is to keep your outdoor environments safe for pets, children, and customers. Rest assured that at Tactical we use eco-friendly, organic, not toxic methods of pest control as often as possible. keeping your lawns and patio areas safe for all. This high level of maintenance creates and keeps a barrier between your property and annoying pests.

What if Pests Come Back after Treatment?

When you have monthly services for pest control with Tactical, you have our money back guarantee that you will remain pest free.  However, if you do notice evidence of pests between scheduled treatments, we will decide for one of our trained, team members to come inspect the problem and exterminate the pest at no additional cost.

How much does Tactical Charge for Monthly Pest Control?

A monthly maintenance agreement with Tactical Pest Services is very cost-effective ranging from $49.00 – $69.00 per-month. We find this to be a very affordable price point for monthly treatments for both residential and office spaces.

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