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Termites are often associated with hotter climates like the small town north of McKinney called Melissa, Texas. Many wonder why these creatures stay in areas where the weather is hot. You would probably be surprised that Termites cannot survive in extreme heat. They do not fair well when the weather is above 95 degrees. Any resident of Melissa knows it gets much hotter than that in the area especially during the summer time. This small suburb outside of Dallas, gets some of the hottest weather Texas has to offer. Termites cannot survive in the climate during the summer so how do they survive the heat?

Termites survive in the hot Texas Summer by seeking out cooler regions. As Texans are forced to blast their air conditioners in the summer, this makes their home cool enough for termites to survive. There’s only one way to get rid of termites. They aren’t courteous guests who will leave on their own. The best thing to do is to call Tactical Pest Services to ensure a professional ensures these pests are eradicated.

Termites Need Cool Environments

Homes in the Melissa area are extremely attractive to termites for more than their need to stay cool. These guys love to eat wood. Homes in the Melissa area are primarily made out of wood. While there’s typically brick on the outside, this is often for aesthetic appeal and the majority of materials used for homes is wood in this area. Along with hot summers, Melissa TX also experiences wet weather many months through the year and this can lead to decaying wood. Decaying wood is an extremely attractive environment for termites to live. They love decaying wood as it is easier to eat something that is softened and cool. It also puts off an odor to let them know the wood is there.

Keep Wood Dry

Keeping wood dry all the time is difficult; however, it’s still the best defense against most common pests. A homeowner should make sure that there are no missing shingles in the roof, missing shingles can make wood visible and cause it to get wet.
Those who already have a termite problem should be sure to remove any plants that are near or inside the home. Plants that are overgrown can cause a root invasion in the home. These roots attract termites to come into the home as well.

Take Action By Calling Tactical Pest Control

A homeowner should always do their best to minimize the problem; however, that isn’t always enough. To take care of any further issues if there is already a termite problem, it’s important to call Tactical Pest Services to get rid of any pest invasion in your Melissa TX home.

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