Is Quarterly Pest Control Necessary?

Quarterly Pest control is very necessary, and for various reasons. Unlike an annual treatment, treating your property quarterly not only protects you from various types of pest, but with regular maintenance you will eliminate their eggs and larvae, keeping your property pest free year around. Since some pests are seasonal, such as flies and mosquitoes in the Summer months, and rodents that find their way inside in the winter, a quarterly visit will ensure that the proper pest control techniques are being used at the proper time of year. Having quarterly pest control services from Tactical will give you peace of mind that your home or business will remain pest free.

Will I need to sign a contract for Quarterly Services?

Yes, a pest control service contract guarantees that one of our Tactical technicians will maintain pest control services for your home or business year around.  We will conduct a thorough inspection every three months looking for any signs of pest infestation. Then the property will be treated for pests based on the specific needs of each customer, creating a barrier that will stop bugs in their tracks.

Will they treat the inside and outside?

Absolutely, it does not matter if your property is a large retail space or the place you call home, Tactical Pest Services will treat both the landscape and the interior according to the need found upon inspection. With our quarterly maintenance program your property will be monitored and protected both inside and out. This level of treatment is the best way to get rid of irritating pests and keep them away.

What if pests come back after treatment?

This is a perfect example of why it is important to have a quarterly maintenance contract with Tactical Pest Services.  Our quarterly maintenance program comes with our money back guarantee that we will keep pests from being a problem for you. If you happen to notice that pests have returned before your next scheduled visit, we are only a phone call away.  Give us a call and we will schedule an additional inspection and remove the pest problem at no additional cost.

How much does Tactical Charge for Quarterly Pest Control?

Having a quarterly maintenance contract with Tactical is very affordable, starting at just $ 109.00 per-month. Of course, not everyone has the same extermination needs and pricing will vary based on the type of property that is being treated, the type of products that will be used. It also will depend on the size of the building being treated, such as a small residential home versus a large retail outlet.

Get A Quote:

To learn more about Tactical Pest Control’s Quarterly contracts, please call us at 214-216-6407, or fill out our “Get A Quote” form under contact us, and one of our team members will get in touch with you as soon as possible.  Exceptional customer service is our number one priority at Tactical Pest Services. We look forward to working with you soon.