Are spiders invading your backyard BBQ’s. Maybe ants have found there way into your pool. No matter what pest are invading your home, Tactical Pest Services can eradicate them all with our one-time residential pest control service. We realize that not everyone needs regular pest control. but for those who require occasional maintenance, here are a few reasons why we suggest taking advantage of our low-cost, one-time service.

Annual Upkeep

Spring rains and warmer weather are a perfect invitation for ants, crickets, and other insects to invade your families living space. Making it a great time to have the exterior and interior of your home inspected by one of our professional technicians and treated for pest. An exterior spray treatment is highly effective at riding your yard of unwanted pest never even allowing them
to enter your home.

tactical spray technicianSpecific Pest Problem

Perhaps you are experiencing one specific type of pest invasion, such as roaches or bed bugs. Our trained professional can treat specified pests with a one-time extermination. Our pest control team know the nature of individual pests so that we can easily combat them.

Move in or Move out:

If you are planning on moving soon, you may want to consider a one-time extermination of your new home to eliminate any pest the former resident may have left behind. If your moving out, perhaps you need a one-time treatment to fulfil a lease agreement.


We know that your pets are a part of your family. Fleas and ticks can not only make your pets itch, but they can cause serious disease in animals such as heart worms and Lyme disease. When these pests are in your yard it is just a matter of time until your pet brings them inside your home. You can stop the spread of fleas and ticks and safeguard your pets with an occasional eco-friendly, outdoor treatment.

No Contracts

For those home-owners who only need the occasional pest control intervention a one time service from Tactical Pest Services is a great choice as there is no contracts or obligations of any kind, just great customer service when you need it.

Why use Tactical Pest Services

Our company is dedicated to serving the North Dallas area with their pest control needs. We offer top rate customer service when you need it. We understand the ins and outs of the pest control industry and provide our services for an honest, fair price. Our one-time service fee is only 179.00. So, do not let those bugs aggravate you and your family any longer. Call Tactical Pest Services today and schedule your one-time residential pest control service.