Most Common Pests During the Fall

After surviving the extreme heat, the fall season is well deserved. Fall is a time for togetherness; our family-owned business knows that nothing’s better than spending time with your family. But you’re not the only one who wants to be cozy inside your home this fall. Keep reading to learn the most common pests during fall and our tips on preventing them from invading your home. 


Fleas are especially common during fall months. Fleas thrive in this weather. It’s known as the “fall flea surge” because fleas are attracted to the falling leaves they can conceal themselves under, wet weather that keeps them active, the warmth inside your home, and your pets spending more time outside! Fleas love sticking to a warm-body, and your furry friends are their perfect victim. To prevent fleas from harming your dog or cat and coming inside your home, treat them with flea prevention. This will protect your family and belongings from an invasion. 

Fire Ants 

These pests sometimes seem as big as Texas! Fire ants create large mounds of dirt as shelter, and as the ants multiply, so do the mounds. These can be spread around and eventually take over the whole yard and migrate into your house if not terminated. Ants in particular are difficult to get rid of because they crawl anywhere in search of food. 


Spiders are another common pest. These creatures tend to be most visible when the temperature begins to cool off. In Texas, this means fall. It may appear the weather affects how spiders act, but what we actually see is male spiders in search of a mate. Males come out this time of year to reproduce, and as always, they are searching for smaller pests to capture as food. Keep these out of your house by terminating all pests, no matter how small they are. 


In Texas, cockroaches are always in bloom. Their first priority is water; they come into homes to find a drink and cool off. Cockroaches can stay active year-round as long as your home is above 50 degrees. They are very adaptable, and once they have entered your home, they are extremely difficult to get rid of. The size of the roach can tell you about itself. Large roaches can indicate it is meant to live outdoors, and it won’t thrive inside your home. While small roaches indicate there are more to be found inside. It’s especially important to terminate roaches because they can spread harmful bacteria around your home. 

How Do I Prevent Fleas, Fire Ants, Spiders, or Cockroaches Inside My Home? 

The key is knowing what you can do to prevent these creatures from making your sweet home their own. Routinely clean your home. Start by cleaning any messes after cooking and eating and throw away expired food. Store food in concealed containers in one organized place. Fix leaky faucets to prevent moisture from accumulating. Repair any damaged screens or holes leading to the outside. Lastly, contact Tactical Pest Services to terminate any pests. Call us now at (469) 654- 4811, or visit our website to get a free quote today! Our experts will find a solution at an affordable cost.