Ants In Warm Weather – What to Expect?

As the weather begins to warm up, you will probably notice an increase of ants in or around your home. You might even begin to worry that these tiny creatures are taking over your house. When you see a few ants occasionally, there is no cause for alarm, but when there are a lot more than what you have noticed before, it is best to take initiative for ant control before your home gets any damage.

In this guide, we will look at how ants are attracted to heat and what other areas of the home they may be drawn to. Keep in mind that if you do not want to defeat the purpose of extermination, and waste time and money, you should seek the help of professionals.

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Ants and Heat

Although ants are attracted to heat and warmth, it is certainly not the main reason why they come into your home. After all, during the summer, it is hot outdoors. Ants like living in warm environments but do not like extreme temperatures, whether too hot or too cold.

During the winter season, ants will more likely come into your home, as opposed to summer. The reason being because they cannot survive in low temperatures. Ants are usually attracted to heat indoors when it is cold outdoors.

What Attracts Ants to Your House?

Beside the heat being a reason why ants come indoors during the winter, they usually infest homes regardless of temperature. They are mainly in search of food and supplies.
Having a pleasant temperature in your house is one out of the four main things that attract ants. There are also wet and moist areas. If you have areas in your home that drip and leak water, it is best to fix those problems before ants invade. If you spill water on the floor or juice, ants will be attracted to come inside the home whether it is cold outside or not, because of the sugar and moisture in the liquids.

You might not even see or be aware of the leaks the ants are drawn to. There could be damp areas within the walls or leaks from your pipes. Therefore, you need a professional such as Tactical Pest Services to help find the problems and get rid of the ants.

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Of course, ants are attracted to homes because there is food inside. Even if you do not have a full fridge there are breadcrumbs and tiny pieces of food that you cannot see with the naked eye, those are what ants are looking for. Ants are not picky, so they crawl into any home they can to find food.

Finally, access points. No matter how tiny the entry points may be or covered up, ants will always find a way to enter a home.

How to Handle Ants in Your Home

Ants can cause a lot of damage to your home, whether it is by spreading bacteria and posing a health risk, to causing structural damage and ruining clothing. If you are not careful and a few ants turn into a full-blown ant infestation, it will become uncomfortable to live in your home.

You should take action immediately by, contacting Tactical Pest Services for professional help. It’ll save you money and time!