Common Pests Your Cat and Dog Bring Home

Cats and dogs can bring endless joy to a family home. Inside many homes, cats and dogs are equally considered to be a part of the family. With the joy they bring, there are challenges that must be overcome. 

One of these challenges is protecting your beloved animals from harmful pests. When your pet frequently goes outside, this challenge becomes more prevalent. It’s important to understand that when pets adventure outside, there are insects that seek to attach themselves to your pet’s warm body to use them as a ride into your home. Keep reading our blog to learn which common pests to be aware of in north Texas

Pesky Fleas 

The most common insect found to latch onto cats and dogs from the outside are fleas. Fleas love warm concealed areas, such as a pile of leaves, or your pet’s fur coat. Fleas are particularly dangerous because they also enjoy feeding off human blood. Fleas do not fly, but instead they jump. This is what makes them able to quickly spread without being seen. If you see your pet scratching often after going outside or visiting with other animals, check your pet for fleas immediately. 

Dangerous and Deadly Ticks 

The second most common pest to latch onto your animals outside are ticks. Ticks are much more dangerous than fleas for the reason they carry bacteria and diseases which can transfer into the host’s bloodstream. They tend to burrow underneath the skin of your pet; this makes it very difficult to locate them. It’s important to check yourself and your pets after going through the woods. 

Rodents and Other Animals 

Cats and dogs can agree on their love for hunting rodents. Cats love to bring their owners “gifts,” while dogs love to please and protect their owners. More often than not, cats will hunt mice and rats, as dogs will go for a bird fallen out of the tree or a squirrel. As it is endearing to see your pet wanting to give you a gift, this can be problematic. Rodents among other animals can carry diseases that can make you and your pets ill. Although it may be cost effective to let your animal remove rodents and other animals, it’s best to hire a professional like Tactical Pest Services to remove rodents

Hungry Ants 

Ants are almost always in search of food. Ants can easily invade your home by latching onto your pets paws as they walk through the garden. The biggest issue with ants invading your home is that they are difficult to locate and get rid of. The best way to prevent this issue is to treat ants piles outside your home. 

Contact Tactical Pest Services

The number one way to treat pests is to attack the source before it becomes a problem. Contact Tactical Pest Services for pre-emptive cost effective solutions. Our pest solutions do not require your pets to leave the house, just keep them away from the solution for at least an hour for safe measures.