How to Keep Squirrels From Invading Your Home

All rodents are nifty creatures, but squirrels wear the crown of rodent intelligence. In fact, squirrels’ agility and intellect gives them a lead over most predators despite their smaller size. When you spot one at the park flying through tree branches or eating an acorn, they make you believe they are adorable, harmless creatures. As it is extremely unlikely for a squirrel not carrying rabies to attack a human, they do have the habit of damaging homes and structures. They do this when they are gathering materials to build their nest or searching for their next meal. Although, as temperatures drop, squirrels seek shelter. Keep reading to learn more about how to keep squirrels from invading your home this winter season. 

Why to Keep Squirrels Out of the Attic

During the winter, it’s easy to think that the animals not in hibernation must be cold; squirrels are one of the animals that stay active during this time, as they do not hibernate. They tend to go to hollow trees when outside, but their ideal living space is your attic because of the insulated area perfect for storing food away from humans. On top of this, squirrels enjoy rummaging through trash, taking it with them, and creating attic clean ups for you. Lastly, the largest danger of housing squirrels in the attic is that they might chew on electrical wires; this creates a huge increase in the risk of a fire starting. Keep your home and attic safe with these tips.

Seal Openings From the Outside of Your Home

The best way to protect your home from unwanted intruders is to seal any openings from the outside of your home. Although, squirrels can break through a number of materials. The best way to ensure they will not break through the seal is to use wire mesh screens with holes less than a centimeter. 

Trim Tree Branches Next to Your House

As we previously said, squirrels are extremely agile. They can almost fly from tree branch to the next. However, tree branches are the easiest way from them to land on top of your house. We recommend ridding of this source by trimming branches within three meters of your home.

Put Away Food

Squirrels are almost always in search of food. Keeping food away from the outside of your home is a great solution to keep squirrels away. This includes not leaving ready to harvest food in your garden, keeping bird feeders away from the house, and cleaning up after you’ve eaten outside. 

Use Repelling Odors 

A less well known fact of squirrels is their hate for certain odors. These include: lemon, pepper, garlic, and strong mustard. The best practice for using these spices is to mix a splash of lemon juice, the spices, and water and spray it around your attic, insulated areas in your home, or around the perimeter outside. 

Place CDs and DVDs Outside

Lastly, scare squirrels by placing CDs or DVDs around your attic or in your garden beds. The reflection of themselves will scare the squirrels and detect them from the area. Although, with this method it is important to note the CDs and DVDs need to be shiny to continue working.

Contact Tactical Pest Services! 

If you follow our previously stated tips, you shouldn’t find any squirrels lodging inside your home this winter. However, if you do notice squirrels inside your home, it is best to contact a professional to remove the rodent. Tactical Pest Services will remove the rodents with the best equipment and make it so they won’t come back. Contact us for a free quote today!