The Benefits of Professionally Spraying For Mosquitoes

There are many benefits to keeping your yard free of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance; they are considered one of the deadliest insects on earth. Dealing with mosquitoes can not only ruin your outdoor fun, but they can cause serious health concerns as well. This annoying tiny pest can transmit diseases such as, Zeeka, West Nile virus, and heart worms, leaving you to worry about the health of your family and pets. Mosquito control can also save you money. People spend a lot of cash on things such as citronella candles and essential oils to ward of mosquitoes. Most experts agree, though, that that citronella is only effective for about two hours. Essential oils are thought to be safer to use but they are usually not effective at keeping the mosquitoes at bay. For these reasons they are not considered a cost-effective choice, or long-time solution.

Mosquito Control Services:

Our technicians take into consideration your properties unique design when customizing a mosquito control service that will work for you. Mosquitoes are treated differently than other pests as they are seasonal. For ultimate control, the time to spray for them should start early in April and continue through October. Mosquitoes love water, so special attention is given to trouble spots such as standing water and areas that stay moist due to water run off or rain. We do this by applying preventative measures, such as discs-granules, to those areas to prevent mosquito reproduction.
Mosquito Barrier Protection:
A barrier protection starts working to kill mosquitoes right away and creates a bond that continues for several weeks. A Mosquito barrier treatment should be applied to the perimeter of your home or office building every twenty-one days. A technician will treat your grounds, being sure to target foliage, shrubs, trees, and any other places that mosquitoes may be living in your yard. We use a power mist treatment around the complete perimeter of your property and landscape ensuring protection all season long

Safely treating Mosquitoes:

At Tactical Pest Control we always use the least toxic method to treat mosquitoes, while following EPA guidelines. When possible, we use organic or non-toxic methods of pest control that is environmentally friendly. Our pest control treatments are made to only target the pest. We are trained to treat high traffic areas such as places where children play or garden spots. We know how to safely treat all your landscapes and living areas.

The service that is right for you:

If you are not sure which service is right for your mosquito control needs, please call the team at Tactical Pest Services today. One of our professional technicians will come out to your home, or business and inspect your properties grounds and make a professional recommendation that best suits your needs. We offer affordable regular treatments starting at $ 59.00 per month and our one-time treatment is only $ 99.00