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rodents in the attic rodent exclusion work

Rodents In My Attic: What Should I Do?

Signs Rodents Are Living In your Attic Rodents and squirrels are often found inside people’s homes during colder months of the year. This can be cause for concern as they…
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rodent crawling on ledge looking for dog food

Do Rodents Eat Dog Food?

Yes, you can blame the undesirable and uninvited rodents roaming around your home for eating your dog’s food. Why Do Rodents Eat Dog Food? It is true that dog food…
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Termite Inspection Services Allen

Termite Inspection Services Allen – Our Termite Services Plan will Prevent Termite Infestations in your Home It is critical to prevent termite invasions or you could face costly repairs to…
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Rodents in Attic in Allen Texas

Rodents in Your Attic?

This customer was dealing with rodents entering the attic space and treating it like a hotel for some time. We were able to come out and identify all of the…
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Pest Control Services McKinney Plano Allen Frisco

Spring Time = Bug Time

Yes, it is almost Spring time in North Texas. What does that mean for your home and the critters that live around you? Well I am sure by now you…
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Termites in Allen Texas

Yes folks, we continue to fight termites in Allen. Boy oh boy! We’ve had so many calls. It is looking like this season is full of bugs. Most likely due…
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