Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted To Some People More Than Others?

Bug season is in full swing, so enjoying the outdoors might seem like a distant dream to many. Why? Because they may be an absolute mosquito magnet. In fact, it is always that one person who is more surrounded by mosquitoes than their friends. 

You might wonder why mosquitoes, in general, bite some people more and leave others untouched. What really causes this one-sided attraction? What factors make you a “high attractor” to these pesky pests? While numerous man-eating insects bite certain people more than others, most studies focus on mosquitoes. Two primary reasons behind a bug’s singling out phenomenon include sight and smell. 


Pesky bugs like mosquitoes look to feast upon some people more depending on various sensory arrays. They find darker colors like black, navy, and red more inviting, just as they prefer shaded spaces. Light colors and areas aren’t visible to these pests due to their limited vision.


Many bugs zero in on the rate of carbon dioxide exhaled. So, people with a higher metabolic rate, such as athletes and pregnant women, become a mosquito magnet. Also, when your body warms up and you sweat, secreting uric acid, ammonia, ethanol, and lactic acid, it is pleasing to smell and heat-sensitive mosquitoes. The smell of blood and a warm body are reasons for many bugs to bite you more. In addition, the human skin releases 300+ different chemicals, each with a particular composition, attracting different types of mosquitoes

Other Factors

Blood Type O makes for a tasty treat, whereas Type B blood; not so much. Bacteria present on an individual’s skin are again desirable to mosquitoes. Sweat here tends to be a complicated part of the entire cocktail. Cholesterol, folic acids, and other natural elements of the body’s composition make it easy for mosquitoes to attack you. So, a rule of thumb may be that if you are sweaty, unclean, and unhealthy, you may be an easy target for mosquitoes. 

All this information helps you develop a better plan of defense against this buzzing menace. Scientists are still doing additional research to address various other claims and concerns. But until then, if you find yourself becoming a favorite target of bugs, take preventative measures to protect yourself against these sneaky, blood-feasting freaks. 

Prevent Bugs from Biting You – Use Reliable Bug Control Services

Science does offer some clues on why bugs attack certain people more than others. Dark clothes, sweat, blood type, skin bacteria, pregnancy, body heat, excessive carbon dioxide production, and beer consumption are some factors that attract bugs more. Knowing ways to avoid being a mosquito magnet won’t fully prevent you from getting bit. Call the Tactical Pest Services professionals for a free quote on our mosquito and bug removal programs.