Interesting Facts About Mosquitoes, And The Diseases They Can Carry

Did you know that mosquitoes are one of the most dangerous pests on the planet? Not only do they buzz in your ear and make you itch, but they can also spread deadly diseases like malaria, yellow fever, Zika virus, and dengue fever with just a single bite.

Over the years, there have been many scientific research studies conducted on mosquitoes to learn more about these dangerous pests and how to eradicate them completely. Most of these research studies have made significant progress, but mosquitoes are still very common in our environment.

Interesting Facts About Mosquitoes

The following are interesting facts about mosquitoes that you should know:

They Love CO2

If you wonder how mosquitoes find their victims, it’s because they are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale. In fact, they can detect this gas from up to 75 feet away.

Mosquitoes Have a Great Sense Of Smell

Another interesting fact about mosquitoes is that they have a great sense of smell. They can sniff out their prey by detecting chemicals like lactic acid, uric acid, and ammonia.

There are Over 3000 Mosquito Species

There are over 3000 different mosquito species in the world. However, only around 200 of these species are known to feed on humans and spread diseases.

The Average Lifespan Of A Mosquito Is Only Two Weeks

Despite their ability to cause so much harm, the average lifespan of a mosquito is quite short. Most mosquitoes only live for around two weeks.

Female Mosquitoes Are The Ones That Bite

The female mosquitoes bite humans and animals to get the blood they need to produce eggs. Male mosquitoes, on the other hand, only feed on plant nectar.

Mosquitoes Can Hibernate

Mosquitoes can enter a state of dormancy or hibernation during the winter months. This allows them to survive in cold climates where they would otherwise perish.

They Spend Their First Ten Days in Water

I know you must have heard that mosquitoes love standing waters. This is because the female mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water. The larvae that hatch from these eggs live and grow in water for the first ten days of their lives.

Female Mosquitoes Lay Up to 300 eggs a time

Once a female mosquito finds a suitable place to lay her eggs, she can lay up to 300 at a time. These eggs hatch within 48 hours, and the larvae start feeding on small organisms in the water.

Types of Diseases Mosquitoes Carry

As we have mentioned, mosquitoes can spread several deadly diseases. Some of the most common diseases caused by mosquitoes include:

  1. Malaria: Malaria is a disease caused by a parasite transmitted to humans through the bites of infected mosquitoes. The symptoms of malaria include fever, chills, and flu-like illness. If left untreated, malaria can lead to severe complications and even death.
  2. Yellow Fever: Yellow fever is another mosquito-borne disease caused by a virus. Yellow fever symptoms include fever, headache, and muscle pain. In severe cases, yellow fever can lead to organ failure and death.
  3. Zika Virus: Zika virus is a relatively new disease that has caused a great deal of concern in recent years. This virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and can cause severe congenital disabilities in unborn babies. Zika virus symptoms include fever, rash, and joint pain.
  4. Dengue Fever: Dengue fever is a disease caused by a virus that is transmitted by mosquitoes. Symptoms of dengue fever include high fever, severe headache, and muscle and joint pain. In severe cases, dengue fever can lead to death.

How to Prevent Mosquito-Borne Diseases

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