Do Mayflies Eat Mosquitoes?

While the weather is nice and warm, many of you could be looking forward to spending time outdoors, especially near the water. But this would also mean that you will have to share the space with bugs and insects.

Mayflies (also called shad-flies) and mosquitos are two of those you can find around water sources. Both are different types of flying insects and are often believed to be similar. But they actually have very distinct life cycles and feeding habits.

Mayflies are aquatic insects, and their presence indicates clean homes and environments because they spend most of their lives in freshwater. They only live for a few days or months, and from egg to nymph to flying adult, they experience multiple phases of life. 

Moreover, adult mayflies live for only a few hours to a few days, and their sole purpose is to mate during their life.


Coming to the big question – do mayflies eat mosquitoes?

Primarily, mayflies are herbivorous and feed on algae and small aquatic animals like plankton, diatoms, and other invertebrates. Young ones are entirely aquatic, with three hair-like tails on the abdomen, leafy gills on the sides, and chewing mouthparts. 

Adult mayflies do not have the mandibles to bite and suck blood like mosquitos. So they cannot feed on other insects as well, especially mosquitos. In fact, an adult mayfly will not feed at all during its lifespan.

On the other hand, mosquitos have a longer lifespan compared to mayflies, where some species can live up to a year. Besides, these insects are primarily terrestrial, requiring standing water to lay eggs. 

Female mosquitoes have a blood-sucking behavior that is necessary for them to produce eggs. Their proboscis (mosquito’s mouth) helps them pierce the host’s skin and suck blood. It is a sophisticated system of six needles, not just one spear, to penetrate the skin, locate blood vessels, and suck blood. 

They also have over a hundred receptors and know where to bite or figure out the puddle that can sufficiently support their larvae. It is a complex process; while they are at it, they can (incidentally) leave behind serious inflammations and diseases or viruses. For this reason, public health experts suggest using mosquito repellents when outdoors, eliminating standing water, and keeping trash from accumulating,

When it comes to flying insects, mayflies are the good guys. The larger threat is mosquitos, and if you are looking to fight these pesky pests, you can contact our pest control experts for better assistance. Mayflies won’t eat mosquitos, so you must opt for a tried and tested method to get rid of these insects. At Tactical Pest Services, we are a locally-owned and operated residential and commercial pest management company in Garland, Texas. Click here to request a quote.