Mosquitoes This Season in Dallas

Mosquitoes This Season in Dallas

I am sure everyone is aware of the record rains we’ve had this spring in the Dallas area. And when there is this much water that means the mosquitoes are going to be horrific this season. I’ve seen them from just walking outside my door. Luckily we will begin treating our home today and I am sure we will be getting many calls this season for mosquito control.

Mosquitoes in Dallas

We treat mosquitoes a bit differently than most other pests. Of course we recommend the standard basic steps in preventing them, such as removing any standing water on your property, pools, tires, any container. With so much rain, any puddles that dry up are staying moist enough and/or refilling so the mosquito larvae could be surviving in the soil.

As the summer heat goes up, the mosquito larvae will be hatching and that means the mosquitoes will be everywhere. Yes, West Nile and other disease are a concern so always take precautions when outside. Mostly, mosquitoes prefer to come out at dusk and into the night, but we can tell mosquitoes are going to be bad since we are seeing them during the daylight hours as well.

So give us a call if you’d like to treat your home this season for mosquitoes. If you are planning a party or BBQ in your backyard, we recommend giving us a call. If you live in Dallas, McKinney, Frisco, Allen, Plano or other surrounding areas, we can sometimes do a same day service.