Roaches In Your Home: How and Why They Infiltrate Your Living Space

For millions of property owners across the DFW area, finding an infestation of roaches in their living spaces is the stuff of nightmares. Larger than most other common household pests, roaches can cause a great deal of discomfort and unease in your home. If a roach managed to get inside your home, chances are a host of other pests could find their way inside too. By learning about the reasons why roach infestations occur, you can be better prepared to prevent these frightening pests from breaching your North Texas home. 

Why Do Roaches Come Into My Home?

There are two primary reasons why roaches might infiltrate your home; it provides shelter and is stocked with food and water. Although roaches are hardy insects that can withstand the scorching DFW summers, they still need to seek out shelter and find food, just like any other insect. Roaches have strong senses of smell, and they are especially attracted to the delicious aroma that emanates from our kitchens. Plus, homes in Garland and McKinney are ideal places for roaches to find shelter since they offer an escape from harsh weather conditions and predators. With all things considered, our homes are especially compelling places for roaches to infest.

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How Do Roaches Get In My Home?

Although roaches are often bigger than other pests, they are exceptionally crafty insects that will do whatever it takes to find their way into your home. Roaches have many distinct characteristics, including their flattened, oval-shaped bodies, which allow them to squeeze into tight gaps with ease. Most of this time, roaches will use this to their advantage by crawling through the narrow crevices and cracks in your home’s walls, doors, and windows. Many roach species can fly as well, so if they spot an open door or window, they will invite themselves in and infest your home. 

How Can I Prevent Roaches From Getting In?

There are several effective strategies that DFW homeowners can follow to keep roaches out of their homes. One of the best practices to follow is to keep your food stored away and not out in the open. Since roaches rely on their sense of smell to find food and shelter, keeping your food out of sight will help keep it out of scent as well. Dry foods such as cereal and canned goods should be kept in your pantry, while perishable foods should be stored in your fridge or freezer. Another way to protect your home from roaches is to sweep crumbs up from your floor regularly. Even the tiny crumbs that fall on your kitchen floor smell incredibly good to roaches, and their presence is enough of a reason for them to find a way inside your home. Sweeping your floors, wiping down your countertops, and taking out the trash regularly can help reduce the chances of a roach infestation. 

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What Should I Do If I Find Roaches in My Home?

If you find a roach in your home, there is a high likelihood that more roaches are nearby. You can kill roaches yourself, but use caution; coming in contact with a roach can cause allergic reactions in some people. Plus, killing one roach won’t eliminate the problem entirely, as there will probably be more roaches around your house as well. Our team at Tactical Pest Services not only targets the roaches that have infested your home, but will prevent any more roaches from coming in with our commercial and residential pest services. Getting rid of roaches is our specialty, and it starts with getting a free quote.